3 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

3 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

As many of you know, I hosted my first webinar on September 15 about how to save money on groceries. Buying groceries has become a chore that many hate to do. I’ve found that if you plan properly, the task can actually become fun and adventurous. While there are many methods to doing such, I’m going to share with you the 3 best ways to save money on your groceries.


  1. Stick to the list - I think that this is the hardest thing for most people to abide by. You get in the store and see things that you WANT to buy, but don’t necessarily NEED. Once you start to deviate from your list, you are never going to find your way back. You took the time out to make that list for a reason. So once you are in the store, don’t bother going astray. 

  2. Never shop hungry - I seriously can’t stress this enough. Going to the store while hungry sets you up for immediately failure. If you’re hungry while browsing the aisles, every appetizing thing that you see will make it into your cart. This is the easiest way to double your grocery budget, and it’s so very preventable. Even if you have to keep a snack in your purse to keep you from being hungry, DO IT. 

  3. Use digital coupons - You have got to trust me on this. Most grocery stores have an app that you can download for free. On that app you will find a section for digital coupons. What this does is allow you to download coupons directly onto your store loyalty card. So you don’t have to whip anything out, once you scan your card it will immediately take off the coupon amount after everything is rung up. It’s seriously a genius way to save money...and one that MANY don’t utilize. People think you have to have physical coupons, not thinking that you could be downloading them to your loyalty card. I’ve saved as much as $22 one time at Kroger just for downloading their coupons.


These 3 ways are super simple and easy to do if you are truly dedicated to saving money while grocery shopping. During the webinar, I broke down 10 tried and true methods to keeping money in your pocket. Me spending $65/week for my family of 3 may not be what you are aiming to spend, but with my method, no matter the budget, you will save. 

Honestly, there are some who will save hundreds, and some who may save thousands a year just from using the tips that I will be giving. The crazy part is, people think that meal planning takes “too much time,” but I never spend more than an hour a week prepping what I will need for each recipe. Cooking 6 days out of the week may not be your ministry, but it’s definitely mine. If you break that down, it means I’m only spending a little over $10 a day for my family to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. That’s CRAZY! Are you ready to save? If so, you can schedule a grocery audit with me! This is a 60 minute one-on-one where I go over the amount your spending each month on groceries and work with you to cut it down to where you can save hundreds per year.

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